Building Permits

Building Permits and Contractor Licenses


To find permit history information, come to City Hall and request the house file for the address in question.
This information and inspection notices are not available any other way.

Most structures require a building permit and all structures must conform to setback requirements. Use following link to view setback requirements: Setbacks in Deephaven

The State Building Code can be viewed here: Minnesota State Building Code

Building Permit Process

Here are the steps that are required to obtain a building permit:

  1. Contractor delivers two hard copy of the building plan to Deephaven City Hall.
  2. Once Deephaven Planning staff approves the plan, Metro West Inspection Services picks up the plans for their review.
  3. Once Metro West approves the plans, Deephaven staff calls the contractor with the permit fee amount.
  4. Contractor comes to Deephaven City Hall to pay for the permit and obtain the required inspection card.
  5. To schedule inspections, please call Metro West at (763) 479-1720.
If you cannot find what you need here, give us a call!

Contact  Planning Director Pat Smith at (952) 358-9938 for questions on:

  • Zoning
  • Setbacks
  • Variances
  • Tree Removal
  • Accessory Structures

Contact Diane Schwalbe at (952) 474-4755 for questions on:

  • Permit application form
  • Permit process
  • Fees