Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of eight members. Seven of the members are appointed by the City Council and one is a City Council member who serves as Council Liaison. The Council Liaison is not be a regular voting member of the Commission, but is a full voting member in the absence of a quorum of Commission members. Planning Commission members are appointed for three-year terms and hold office until successors are appointed.

Planning Commission meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month in the Council Chamber at City Hall.

Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

The purpose of the Planning Commission is to issue recommendations to the City Council in the following areas:

  • Applications for variance
  • Applications for special use permit
  • Applications for subdivision
  • Applications for replat
  • Applications for rezoning
  • Revisions and amendments to the Zoning Code
  • Revisions and amendments to the Subdivision Code
  • Revisions and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Revisions and amendments to the Land Use Plan

Commission Chair

Michael Peterson

April 1, 2024  (Nov. 2020)

Commission Vice-Chair

Doug Nagle

April 1, 2024 (Oct. 2017)

Commission Member

Josh Wilcox

April 1, 2024 (March 2019)

Commission Member

John McGary

April 1, 2024 (April 2021)

Commission Member

Kjell Nafstad

April 1, 2025 (March 2022)

Commission Member

Erin Saewert

April 1, 2025 (August 2022)

City Planning Director

Pat Smith

(952) 358-9938

Commission Member

Kendall Carlson

April 1, 2026 (April 2023)

Council Liaison

John Studer

Home: (952) 473-2069
Work: (763) 286-9711

City Engineer - WSB

Jim Stremel

(612) 419-1549

City Attorney - Dorsey & Whitney

Jay Lindgren

(612) 492-6875